Facebook Audience Network (FAN) Ad Revenue Attribution Integration

Note: This integration is based on a Facebook product that is in beta.


Singular's ad monetization integration with Facebook Audience Network is an add-on to any method you are using to measure ad monetization ROI.

The integration provides FAN ad revenue data which has not previously been available through some of the ad monetization ROI measurement methods. 

While Facebook does not share user-level ad revenue data due to privacy concerns, it does share grouped data that Singular interpolates to provide a useful approximation of user-level revenue and help you measure ad monetization ROI.


  • Data for yesterday is only available at 8 am PST.
  • Data is available only for the last 3 days (no historical data).

How to Set Up the Integration

Before you can enable this integration, you must be a customer of Singular's attribution service and be using one of the available methods to measure ad monetization ROI.

To get the integration up and running, reach out to your Singular Customer Success Manager.

Note that due to the beta status of the service, Facebook needs to approve each client before enabling the service.

Integration Flow

To get ad revenue data from Singular for an app:


Singular queries Facebook for a list of devices that have had any ad revenue activity for each app.


Facebook sends back a list of device IDs per app.


Singular matches the device IDs to IDs known to Singular. Then it groups the device IDs by sub-campaign (ad group) into groups of 110 and queries Facebook for the ad revenue per group.


Facebook sends back the ad revenue per group of devices.



  • Divides the ad revenue amount evenly among the device IDs 
  • Applies an interpolated ad revenue value to each device
  • Adds the interpolated ad revenue to the device's attribution metrics.
You can then view the data in aggregate in reports along with marketing cost and other ad network metrics.


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