Kochava Data Connector

Learn how Singular pulls data from Kochava and shows it in your reports.


Quick Details

Data Connector Technology API (Kochava API v1.4)
Data breakdown (segmentation)

The following breakdowns are available for all campaigns:

  • Source (partner network)
  • Campaign Name
  • Tracker Name (the name of the tracking link)
  • OS
  • Country

For campaigns running on self-attributed networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Kochava also provides the following breakdowns:

  • Sub Ad Network (e.g. for Facebook, the sub ad network can be Facebook or Instagram)
  • Sub Campaign (sometimes known as ad set or ad group)
Time zone The time zone set by the customer in Kochava.
Currency The currency set by the customer in Kochava.
Known Limitations/ Issues
  • The Kochava API has monthly rate limits. If you have more than ~35 apps, the monthly query load may exceed these limits. Discuss the issue with your Singular Customer Success Manager to find a solution.
  • When reporting on the sub ad network, Kochava doesn't distinguish between YouTube Search ads and YouTube Video (Watch) ads, so we map both to YouTube Watch.

Data Mapping

The data connector pulls the following fields from Kochava.


  • Some of the fields are provided by Kochava only for campaigns that run in self-attributed networks (SANs) such as Facebook, Apple Search Ads, Google Ads, etc.
  • For more information about any field in Singular reporting, see the Metrics and Dimensions Glossary.

Field in Singular UI Field in Singular API Field in Kochava Notes
Country country_field country_code  
OS os device_marketing_name  
platform platform device_marketing_name  
Tracker Name tracker_name tracker_name  
Tracker Campaign ID tracker_campaign_id
  • Facebook, Instagram: "campaign_group_id"
  • Google: "campaign_id"
  • Twitter: "twitter_campaign_id"
  • Apple Search Ads: "iad-campaign-id"
In SAN campaigns only
Tracker Campaign Name tracker_campaign_name
  • Facebook, Instagram: "campaign_group_name"
  • Google, Yahoo, Snapchat: "campaign_name"
  • Twitter: "twitter_campaign_name"
  • Apple Search Ads: "iad-campaign-name"
This field is available for non-SANs as well but may not match the campaign name as configured in the network.
Tracker Source Name tracker_source_name network_name  
Sub Ad Network adn_subadnetwork   In SAN campaigns only
Sub Campaign ID sub_campaign_id
  • Facebook, Instagram: "campaign_id"
  • Google: "ad_group_id"
  • Apple Search Ads: "iad-adgroup-id"
In SAN campaigns only
Sub Campaign Name sub_campaign_name
  • Facebook, Instagram: "campaign_name"
  • Apple Search Ads: "iad-adgroup-name"
In SAN campaigns only
Tracker Clicks tracker_clicks    
Tracker Installs tracker_installs    
Revenue revenue