TikTok For Business Attribution Integration

Learn about Singular's integration with TikTok and how to add TikTok For Business as a partner for Singular's attribution service.


Integration Summary

(See Partner Integrations Glossary)

Partner TikTok For Business
Partner Type Ad Network
Creatives Supported
Publisher Not Supported
View-Through Supported
Re-engagement Supported
S2S Not Supported
Click Tag Supported
Receiving All Installs Supported
Receiving All Events Supported


  1. Integrate the Singular SDK (see Getting Started with the Singular SDK/S2S).
  2. Get your TikTok App ID from your TikTok Ads Manager dashboard. If you do not have a TikTok App ID, specify "N/A" within Singular's Partner Configuration section instead. You can find more information on how to generate and retrieve your TikTok App ID in TikTok's help center
  3. If you are a new TikTok client, you will need to enable unattributed events to be sent in order for your TikTok App ID to be passed to TikTok.

Setup Instructions

1. Partner Configuration

For general instructions for setting up a partner, see the Partner Configuration FAQ

In addition, to pass in-app events to TikTok For Business, you have to select the supported mapped event name:


Note: We encourage you to select the Enable Fraud Postbacks checkbox so your partner can receive postback data if there is any fraudulent activity that Singular is blocking for your campaign. Enabling fraud postbacks helps partners prevent fraud in their network.

2. Tracking Link Setup

To generate a tracking link for TikTok For Business:

  1. In your Singular account, go to Attribution > Manage Links and click Create Link.
  2. Under Source Name, select "TikTok For Business".


  3. Configure the link by selecting the desired app site and redirect options (see the Singular Links FAQ for help).

    If you want to use the link for retargeting campaigns (re-engagement), expand the Attribution Settings section and select Enable re-engagement tracking.


  4. Click Generate.

  5. You can now see and copy the click-through and view-through link with TikTok-supported macros to use with TikTok For Business.


For more information, see the Singular Links FAQ.

Partner Data Policies

As a TikTok MMP partner, Singular adheres to the following data handling requirements required by TikTok:

  • Data Retention: TikTok user-level data is removed after 6 months of original attribution.  After 6 months, users attributed to TikTok are treated/marked as "Organic" and reflected as such in both aggregate and user-level reporting in Singular.

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