Google Data Studio Data Destination

Set up a Google Data Studio data destination to export information from Singular automatically to Google Data Studio, where you can create reports, dashboards, and charts.

Note: Singular data destinations (ETL) are a premium feature (learn more).



The Google Data Studio destination lets you export the following fields (see Metrics and Dimensions for a description of each field):

  • Dimensions: Account ID, Account Name, App, Campaign ID, Campaign Name, Country, Date, Keyword, OS, Platform, Source, Sub Ad Network, Sub Campaign ID, Sub Campaign Name
  • Metrics: Clicks, Cost, Impressions, Installs

The following is a sample dashboard you can build using the Google Data Studio data destination:


Setup Instructions

To set up the data destination:

  1. In your Singular account, go to Settings > Data Destinations and click Add a new destination.
  2. Type in "Google Data Studio".

  3. In the window that opens, copy your Singular API key, and then click the link to go to the Google Data Studio Platform.


  4. In Google Data Studio, follow the instructions to set up the connection with Singular. You will be asked to authorize the connection using your Singular credentials, as well as paste in your Singular API key.

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