Using MoPub Impression-Level Revenue Data

This article is about setting up the Impression-level Revenue Data (ILRD) integration with MoPub as a Mediation Platform. To learn more about tracking and reporting on Ad Monetization in Singular, see Setting Up Ad Monetization Reporting.

Note: Singular also supports aggregated data pulls of MoPub ad revenue data utilizing a Data Connector, which is a different method vs. this integration.
MoPub ILRD is the recommended setup, however it will require some additional development and is less "plug & play" than the MoPub Ad Revenue Data Connector.


Setting up MoPub ILRD in Singular

If you are using MoPub as your mediation platform, you can pull impression-level data from MoPub into Singular. This integration is somewhat different than the ones supported for ironSource and AppLovin MAX since it's set up client-side, and ad revenue events are reported by the MoPub SDK at the impression level and in real-time.

To set up MoPub ILRD in Singular:

  1. First, contact your Singular Customer Success Manager or Singular Support to make sure the MoPub ILRD integration is enabled for you.
  2. ILRD is supported by a special Singular SDK version that you'll need to update your app/s with. You'll be provided exact instructions and support on how you should send ad impression revenue events to Singular
  3. After the data is pulled, you can view it in a report by going to the Reports page and selecting Ad Revenue and Ad ROI under Cohort Metrics.

Notes on using MoPub ILRD:

  • This integration is a real-time integration for pulling ad revenue data directly on the app.
  • Singular can also pull MoPub Ad Revenue data, in aggregate, through a Data Connector that works with the MoPub Publisher Reporting API

To learn more about MoPub ILRD, visit MoPub's developer documentation.

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