Using AppLovin MAX Ad Revenue Reporting API

This article is about setting up a User-level Ad Revenue data connector for apps working with AppLovin MAX as a Mediation Platform. To learn more about tracking and reporting on Ad Monetization in Singular, see Setting Up Ad Monetization Reporting.


Setting up AppLovin MAX as a Data Connector for Ad Revenue

If you are using AppLovin MAX as your mediation platform, you can pull user-level data from AppLovin MAX Reporting API. This will give you data from all the networks that you use through AppLovin's mediation service (as opposed to getting data solely from AppLovin's ad network).

To pull user-level revenue from AppLovin:

  1. First, contact your Singular Customer Success Manager or Singular Support to make sure the AppLovin User-Level Ad Revenue feature is open to you. 
  2. In the Singular platform, go to Data Connectors, add the connector called AppLovin User-Level Publisher, and follow the in-app instructions for getting your Report Key from the AppLovin dashboard.
  3. After the data is pulled, you can view it in a report by going to the Reports page and selecting Ad Revenue and Ad ROI under Cohort Metrics.

Notes on using the AppLovin API:

  • AppLovin MAX data is pulled once per day.

To learn more, see AppLovin's developer documentation.

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