iOS SDK: Change Log

Release Date Description
12.4.2 2024/04/24 Feature: Internal build modifications.
12.4.1 2024/04/11 Feature: Privacy Manifest support.
12.3.2 2024/02/21 Fix: Improve support for SDID.
12.3.1 2024/02/15 Feature: Improve support for SDID.
Feature: Support for attribution callback.
12.2.0 2023/11/08 Feature: Support SDID.
Fix: iAd framework removal.
12.1.1 2023/09/14 Feature: Extend deeplink handling to support query parameters extraction.
Fix: SKAN improvements.
12.0.7 2023/07/09 Fix: Minor improvements.
12.0.6 2023/05/16 Fix: StoreKit2 parsing error
12.0.5 2023/05/01 Feature: Initial StoreKit2 support.
Feature: AppExtension Support.
12.0.4 2023/04/19 Feature: SKAN enabled by default.
Fix: GDPR event crash.
12.0.3 2023/03/30 Fix: Improve SKAN 4 support.
Fix: Deeplinking after warm start.
Feature: Deprecated supportedDomains. supportedDomains is no longer required for Singular to measure deep links from non-Singular Links.
12.0.2 2023/02/13 Fix: Improve SKAN 4 support.
Fix: SDK's offline behavior.
12.0.1 2022/12/15 Feature: Add manual API to update SKAN values.
Feature: Improve SKAN 4 Implementation to support older Xcode versions.
Fix: Modified Standard Events values.
12.0.0 2022/11/16 Feature: Support for SKAN 4 version.
11.0.10 2022/09/19 Feature: Standard Events, minor improvements.
11.0.9 2022/07/28 Fix: Minor fixes.
11.0.8 2022/07/12 Feature: Referrer link helper functions.
11.0.7 2022/04/14 Feature: Support advanced Deferred deep linking options.
11.0.6 2022/03/28 Improvement: Deep link handling.
11.0.5 2022/03/22 Improvement: Reporting IDFV on app owner change.
11.0.4 2022/02/11 Improvement: Small fixes and cleaning-up legacy code.
11.0.3 2022/01/10 Feature: Added M1 arm64 support.
11.0.2 2021/12/13 Fix: Fixed a crash when revenue was reported in some cases for iOS11.
11.0.1 2021/10/05 Fix: In some scenarios Singular Link handler was invoked twice.
11.0.0 2021/07/27 Feature: Supports AdMon revenue reporting.
Feature: Supports AdMon SKAN models.
10.4.1 2021/05/30 Fix: Minor improvements in revenue transaction reporting.
10.4.0 2021/05/05 Fix: Fixed a crash when revenue was reported to SKAN with an empty currency.
10.3.0 2021/03/09 Fix: Fixed a bug in SKAN conversion value management.
10.2.3 2021/02/18 Fix: AdServices dependency in the Singular-SDK pod was not supported on old devices.
10.2.2 2021/02/16 Fix: Sending Apple Search Ads data that was missing on v10.2.0.
10.2.0 2021/02/03 Improvement: Added support for Apple's AdServices.
Fix: Updating conversion values for SKAdNetwork V2.
10.1.5 2020/12/09 Improvement: Allowing to send the Limit Data Sharing flag on first session.
10.1.4 2020/11/30 Change: Set the default short link resolve timeout as 10 seconds.
10.1.3 2020/10/26 Improvement: In iOS 14 LAT params sent from the SDK is based on the tracking authorization status.
10.1.2 2020/08/25 Addition: A method to verify if the app was opened with a Singular link.
10.1.1 2020/08/23 Improvement: SKAN flow improvements.
10.1.0 2020/08/18 Improvement: Collection of additional device information
Improvement: Remote toggling of SKAdNetwork support and device information.
10.0.0 2020/08/06 Feature: Support for iOS 14 and SKAdNetwork V2.
9.4.2 2020/07/29 Addition: CCPA compliance support ("limit data sharing" methods).
9.4.0 2020/07/01 Feature: Global properties support.
9.3.0 2020/06/03 Improvement: Singular Links mechanism now supports scheme links.
9.2.8 2020/04/21 Improvement: Optimized Singular framework build.
9.2.7 2020/04/07 Improvement: Apple Search Ads collection improvements.
9.2.6 2020/02/18 Feature: The iOS SDK now supports CocoaPods integration in addition to the manual one.
9.2.4 2019/12/16 Change: Updated the way we set the SDK version on SDK wrappers.
9.2.3 2019/11/27 Feature: Added compression support to HTTP requests.
9.2.2 2019/11/10 Feature: Improved shortened Singular Links feature.
9.2.1 2019/09/09 Feature: Additional attributes can now be sent along with revenue events.
Fix: Removed the UIWebView class from the SDK to support iOS 13.
9.2.0 2019/07/31 Change: Now using POST to send events instead of GET.
Feature: Added 2 new debugging features: Singular Install ID and Event Index.
Fix: Debug log won't appear anymore when running the app.
9.1.1 2019/06/30 Fix: Crash on setDeviceCustomUserId.
9.1.0 2019/06/27 Addition: setDeviceCustomUserId is now generally available.
9.0.7 2019/06/03 Addition: Support for Unity version.
9.0.6 2019/05/09 Fix: SDK crash on an event with arguments.
9.0.5 2019/04/23 Fix: the bug that resumed session was not logging events.
9.0.4 2019/04/18 Addition: Support for deferred passthrough.
9.0.3 2019/04/16 Fix: Fixed DDL behavior around Singular Links.
9.0.2 2019/04/15 Fix: incorrect SDK structure that caused failing builds.
9.0.1 2019/04/14 Addition: Support for Custom Revenue Events.
9.0.0 2019/04/07 Fix: Install hint is also sent when it's false. Added: Support in Singular Links.
8.4.2 2018/12/23 Fix: Migration logic between Apsalar SDK to Singular SDK.
8.4.1 2018/09/26 Fix: sqlite3 usage bug fix, avoid calling sqlite3_shutdown which is not thread-safe and can affect other threads/libraries using sqlite3 in specific circumstances.