Android SDK: Change Log

Release    Date Description 
12.5.5 2024/04/17 Fix: Possible bug in DB handling.
12.5.4 2024/03/04 Fix: Internal network request structure.
12.5.3 2024/02/22 Fix: Possible bug in cases of alternating network connectivity.
12.5.2 2024/02/21 Fix: Improve support for SDID.
12.5.1 2024/02/15 Feature: Improve support for SDID.
Feature: Support for attribution callback.
12.4.0 2023/11/08 Feature: Support SDID.
Feature: Improve Digital Turbine integration.
Fix: Corrupted Motorola Device Identifier.
12.3.0 2023/09/28 Feature: Support Meta install referrer.
12.2.0 2023/09/03 Feature: Support Galaxy Store referrer.
Feature: Extend deeplink handling to support query parameters extraction.
12.1.4 2023/07/26 Fix: Minor bug fix and improvements.
12.1.3 2023/07/06 Fix: Minor bug fix and improvements.
12.1.2 2023/06/01 Feature: Support for limited identifiers.
12.1.1 2023/03/30 Feature: Deprecated supportedDomains. supportedDomains is no longer required for Singular to measure deep links from non-Singular Links.
12.1.0 2023/02/22 Fix: Referrer Links API handler bug.
12.0.9 2022/12/15 Feature: Added Digital Turbine integration.
Fix: Modified Standard Events values.
12.0.8 2022/10/18 Fix: Minor fixes.
12.0.7 2022/09/19 Feature: Standard Events
Improved: Support Android Billing library v5, minor improvements.
12.0.6 2022/07/12 Added: Referrer link helper functions.
12.0.5 3 May 2022 Improved: Support for non google identifiers.
12.0.3 2022/03/21 Improved: Better support for OAID.
Added: Support for Google billing library 4.0.0+.
12.0.2 2022/03/06 Improved: Android Identifiers collection.
12.0.1 2022/03/01 Improved: ASID handling.
12.0.0 2021/12/15 Feature: Added ASID support.
Improved: Sending Android Install referrer on first session.
11.0.0 2021/07/27 Feature: Supports AdMon revenue reporting.
Added: Reading install source for new Android API 30 and above.
9.6.0 2021/01/13 Feature: Supporting tracking for Amazon devices.
9.5.1 2020/11/17 Improved: FCM token can now be send along with the first session.
9.5.0 2020/08/20 Feature: OAID Collection.
9.4.5 2020/07/29 Added: CCPA compliance support ("limit data sharing" methods). 
9.4.1 2020/07/01 Feature: Added Global Properties support.
9.2.11 2020/04/07 Fix: Improved Deferred Deep Links handling.
9.2.10 2020/03/05 Fix: Improved Singular Links validation.
9.2.9 2019/12/22 Feature: Enabled TLS on android JellyBean and above.
9.2.8 2019/12/16 Change: Updated the way we set the SDK version on SDK wrappers.
9.2.7 2019/11/27 Feature: Added compression support to HTTP requests.
9.2.6 2019/11/10 Feature: Improved shortened Singular Links feature.
9.2.5 2019/09/10 Fix: Sometimes session didn't contain custom user id when provided.
9.2.4 2019/09/09 Feature: Additional attributes can now be sent along revenue events.
9.2.3 2019/09/05 Fix: CustomRevenue with json is now working correctly.
9.2.2 2019/08/22 Fix: Install referrer is now a transitive dependency that is included by default.
9.2.1 2019/08/21 Fix: Android CustomRevenue method with Purchase object didn't send the is_revenue_event flag.
9.2.0 2019/07/31 Change: Now using POST Method to send events instead of GET. Feature: Introduced new IAP collection method (using Purchase objects).
Feature: Added 2 new debugging features: Singular Install Id and Event Index.
9.1.1 2019/07/02 Improved: Changed to Google install referrer dependency to work with Gradle instead of jar.
9.1.0 2019/06/27 Added: setDeviceCustomUserId is now generally available.
9.0.5 2019/06/03 Added: imei support as device identifier.
Improved: the licensing api mechanism.
Added: support of Unity version.
9.0.4 2019/04/18 Added: Support for deferred passthrough.
Improved: DDL timeout mechanism.
9.0.3 2019/04/16 Fix: Fixed DDL behaviour around Singular Links.
9.0.1 2019/04/14 Added: support in Custom Revenue Events.
9.0.0 2019/04/07 Added: Support in Singular Links.
7.4.2 2018/12/02 Fix: possible race condition in the GDPR interface - improved: thread safety.
7.4.0 2018/07/27 Added: Added GDPR helper interface that customers can call for easier GDPR compliance.