Snowflake Data Exchange Destination

Set up a Snowflake Data Exchange destination to share data directly from your Singular account to a Snowflake account.


  • Data destinations are an enterprise feature (learn more).
  • This data destination uses the Snowflake Data Share feature. It doesn't require granting Singular access to your Snowflake account.
  • Singular also offers a direct Snowflake data destination which can push data directly to your Snowflake database (and requires providing Singular with write access to a Snowflake database).
  • Singular Data Exchange Integration only works for in AWS US West region.

Setup Instructions

1. Add a Snowflake Data Exchange Destination

In Singular, add a data destination for Snowflake as follows:

  1. In your Singular account, go to Settings > Data Destinations and click Add a new destination.
  2. Type in "Snowflake Data Exchange".

  3. In the window that opens, fill in the relevant details:


    Field Description
    Snowflake Account Your Snowflake account name. You can find it in your database URL, e.g., if the URL is, the account name is myaccount.
    Schema Name Enter a name for the schema that Singular is going to create in the database. The default value is "singular".
    Table Name Enter a name for the table that Singular is going to write to. The default value is "marketing_data".
    Data Schema The schema of the data loaded into the destination. See Data Destination (ETL) Schemas.

2. Accept the share in Snowflake

Note: This step is only required once per Snowflake account. You can skip this step if you already accepted Data Exchange shares from Singular.

To accept the share in your Snowflake account:

  1. Switch to the ACCOUNTADMIN role:


  2. Open the  Shares section and find the entry by Singular:

  3. Click Create Database From Secure Share:

  4. Enter a name for the database and grant access to specific roles, and then click Create Database.
  5. To see your marketing data, go to Singular > MARKETING_DATA: