Singular ETL FAQ

Singular ETL is a premium feature. If you're interested in using it, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


What is Singular ETL?

Singular ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) is a new type of integration that extracts your marketing analytics data from Singular and pushes it into your data warehouse or storage service where your reporting tools can process it and analyze it. 

Singular ETL allows you to obtain your marketing data automatically and feed it directly into your own data science, analytics, and reporting tools, without requiring engineering work for implementing the Singular Reporting API.

Which platforms are supported?

Singular ETL is currently supported for the following destinations:

What data can be exported?

ETL exports currently include the marketing data available in the Singular Reporting API.

Singular plans to add support for exporting user-level data from Singular's attribution tracking service in the future. Currently, user-level data can be downloaded through Exporting Attribution Logs.

How often is the data refreshed?

The exact frequency of the exports depends on the platform you use and the volume of data, but Singular will refresh the data at least 4 times a day.

How do I set up Singular ETL?

If the feature is enabled for your account, you will be able to add the integration through the Data Connectors page, the same way you add an integration that pulls data from a network into Singular.

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