Getting Started

Welcome to the Singular SDK! Singular is helping mobile marketers maximize return on marketing spend by combining campaign data and user-level data in a single place.

Use the documentation in this portal to integrate our SDK into your apps and get started with Singular attribution.

Integration Steps

  1. First, get your Singular SDK key. Read this Help Center article to learn how.

  2. We provide versions of the SDK for different platforms. Use one of the following guides to download and integrate the appropriate SDK:

  3. If you want to send real-time postbacks to your internal BI platform, see Processing Internal BI Postbacks.

  4. Finally, follow the SDK Testing and Validation instructions to test your integration.

All versions of the Singular SDK contain our fraud prevention capabilities. You do not need to integrate the Fraud SDK separately.

Additional Options

Singular Fraud SDK

The Fraud SDK is provided for customers who are not ready to integrate the full Singular SDK yet but are looking to try out our fraud prevention features.

To integrate the Fraud SDK, use one of the following guides:

Integrating Singular and the Facebook SDK

If you plan to use both the Facebook SDK and the Singular SDK/S2S in the same app, read this guide to learn how to configure your integrations to avoid data discrepancies.

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