Using the Facebook SDK and Singular SDK/S2S in the Same App


If you have the Singular SDK integrated in your app, you don’t need to integrate the Facebook SDK in order to track Facebook attribution or view events in the Facebook platform. Because Singular is a certified Mobile Measurement Partner of Facebook’s, the Singular SDK can take care of all that for you.

However, some Singular customers may still choose to integrate the Facebook SDK in their apps for various reasons. For example, you may use the Facebook SDK to provide Login or Share, or to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of Facebook Mobile App Install Ads.

If you do wish to use the Facebook SDK, it is important to follow the steps below in order to maintain data accuracy across both platforms. Otherwise you may encounter data discrepancies including an increased session count on Facebook’s platform and a double event count on Facebook.

To Use the Facebook SDK with the Singular SDK/S2S:

  1. Disable Facebook SDK sending events. By default, the Facebook SDK sends events automatically to the Facebook platform. To disable this, follow the explanation under “Disable Automatically Logged Events” in the Facebook Developers Portal:
  2. Set up Facebook attribution tracking as explained in our Facebook setup guide, steps 1-4.