Ad Monetization Metrics and Dimensions

Learn what the fields in your ad monetization reports mean. To learn more, see Setting Up Ad Monetization Reporting.

For information about fields in campaign performance reporting, see Metrics and Dimensions and the Reports FAQ.



Name Description
App The app name as defined in the Singular platform.
Source The monetization network.
OS The operating system (e.g., iOS, Android).
Platform The device type (e.g., iPhone, iPod, Android). If the source doesn’t provide the breakdown by device type, you will see "iOS" instead of iPhone/iPod.
Country The country in which the ad was served.
Ad Type ID & Name The type of the ad, e.g., "banner" or "rewarded video". In other platforms, this may be referred to as the Ad Unit or the Ad Format.
Ad Placement ID & Name The placement of the ad within the app (not to be confused with the ad type or the geo). Note that this dimension is given different names in different ad networks.
Ad Instance ID & Name The targeting (be it country or a specific app) associated with the bid. Some networks refer to this dimension as Line Item or Mediation Group.


Metric Name Description
Ad Requests How many times your app contacted the network requesting an ad to display.
Filled Ad Requests How many ads the network served after receiving a request.
Ad Impressions How many times ads were viewed in your app (as reported by the network). This includes both videos and static ads.
Fill Rate Percentage of ad requests that were answered by the network. Formula: (Filled Ad Requests / Ad Requests) * 100
Video Views How many videos were initiated. This metric can sometimes be the same as ad impressions. It depends on the network and the ad type.
Completed Video Views How many users viewed a video in its entirety. Note that not all networks provide this information.
Completed Video View Rate Percentage of videos that were viewed in their entirety out of videos that were initiated. Formula: (Completed Video Views / Video Views) * 100
eCPV Effective cost per view. Formula: Revenue / Video Views
eCPCV Effective cost per completed view. Formula: Revenue / Completed Video Views
Ad Clicks The number of times a user clicked on an ad.
Ad Revenue The aggregated revenue reported by the network.
Bid Requests The number of requests by the publisher to open an auction. Currently only applicable to Facebook’s RTB.
Bid Responses The number of bids responded to by the auction, i.e. the bid payload for each bid. Currently only applicable to Facebook’s RTB.
eCPM Effective cost per one thousand impressions.
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