Tracking Link Parameters and Report Dimensions


To maximize granularity, Singular has introduced a variety of parameters to report the myriad of fields integrated ad networks support. These parameters, when properly populated by the ad network, allow us to join the device-level dataset represented by clicks, impressions and events with the aggregated dataset we are pulling from ad networks for ad spend, targeting and other upper funnel metrics.

This article covers all currently supported tracking link parameters that represent ad network objects (e.g. Campaign), and how they are represented in Singular's UI and API.

Introduction to Granularity Parameters

Granularity Parameters are tracking link parameters that report on the variety of objects ad networks can track clicks and impressions by. Common objects are Campaigns, Creatives and Publishers (which is in Singular is considered as the publishing app), but there's a lot more!

Unfortunately, there are also network-specific objects such as Zones, Sites and many others. When handling granularity for our ad network data as well as attribution data, we have created a common scheme to try and fit all of these fields into, without concatenating any parameters which would then complicate data joins.

The Singular approach for creating tracking links is to always ensure we are utilizing all parameters available in order to maximize granularity, and when used correctly -- these would get populated by the ad network and propagate into tracking links, attribution data and app events. These fields would then be available both in device-level exports as well as

Hierarchy Name in Singular UI Meaning Tracking Link Parameter
Device Platform Device Platform (Android/iOS) p
IP IP of the device at the time of the click ip
Click ID Click or Transaction ID cl
OS Version OS version of device ve
IDFA Unhashed / Raw iOS Advertising ID idfa
IFA-1 SHA-1 of iOS Advertising ID ifa1
IFA-5 MD5 of iOS Advertising ID ifa5
IDFV The iOS identifier for vendor idfv
IFV-1 SHA-1 of iOS identifier for vendor ifv1
IFV-5 MD5 of iOS identifier for vendor ifv5
AIFA  Unhashed / Raw Android Advertising ID aifa
AIF-1 SHA-1 of Android Advertising ID aif1
AIF-5 MD5 of Android Advertising ID aif5 
ANDI Unhashed / Raw Android ID andi
AND1 SHA-1 of Android Advertising ID and1
AND5 MD5 of Android ID and5
User Agent The user agent of the device ua
Locale / Language The language preference on the device.  E.g. "en-US" lc
Campaign  Campaign Name This is the campaign name the network reported pcn
Campaign ID  This is the campaign ID the network reported pcid
Sub Campaign  Sub Campaign Name Name of the object sitting under campaigns where applicable (e.g. Ad Set Name in Facebook) pscn
Sub Campaign ID ID of the object sitting under campaigns where applicable (e.g. Ad Set ID in Facebook) pscid
Creative  Creative Name Name of ad / creative  pcrn
Creative ID  ID of ad / creative pcrid
Publisher  Publisher ID Hashed or anonymized ID for the publishing app pshid
Publisher Site Name Name of publishing app for supporting networks psn
Publisher Site ID Store ID of publishing app for supporting networks  psid
Sub Publisher Sub Publisher Name Name of the site, or placement, within the publishing app pssn
Sub Publisher ID ID of the site, or placement, within the publishing app pssid 
Keyword  Keyword Keyword for AdWords and Apple Search Ads kw
Affiliate  Affiliate Name Affiliate name for affiliate networks who report it paffn
Affiliate ID  Affiliate ID for affiliate networks who report it paffid
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