Twitter Attribution Integration


As a Twitter Mobile App Conversion Tracking (MACT) Partner, Singular tracks and measures installs and re-engagements for your Twitter campaigns.

Setting Up Twitter Attribution Tracking

To set up Twitter attribution tracking:

  1. Integrate Your Mobile App with the Singular SDK or S2S API. For more information, see the Singular Developer Portal.
  2. Create and provision your Twitter Ads account. Note that the account must be Twitter Ad enabled. For more information, see Twitter Help or contact your Twitter account manager.
  3. Proceed to set up your Partner Configuration on Twitter:

    Note: This next step will provision Singular as an app Mobile App Conversion Tracking partner, associated with your Twitter ads account. Only one MACT partner can be provisioned for an app at any given time.

    • Accept Twitter's Terms and Conditions.
    • Log in and link your Twitter Ads account with Singular. This should be the Twitter Ads account that is permitted to manage campaigns for all your Twitter ad accounts if you have more than one.


    • Select the authorized accounts that are promoting your app and select Next.


    • Configure the Twitter integration like any other partner.

      By default, installs are reported to Twitter to enable install attribution tracking. Select the Enable Re-engagement Tracking checkbox to have sessions reported to Twitter, to allow Singular re-engagement tracking.

      You can also have Singular report post-install events to Twitter for conversion optimization and reporting. To enable this option, you must map the event to the desired Twitter Conversion event.


Twitter Reporting in Singular

Singular Dimension Name in Twitter
Tracker Campaign Name Twitter Campaign Name “MyCampaign”
Tracker Campaign ID Twitter Campaign ID 2xzbi
Tracker Ad Group Name Twitter Line Item ID aied2
Tracker Creative ID Tweet ID 351166379755724804

Twitter Organic

Singular also tracks attributions from organic tweets through the Twitter integration. These appear in reports under the source "Twitter Organic".


Why do I see differences between Twitter data in my report and in user-level exports?

Twitter allows users to opt out of sharing data with third parties. Singular respects this value by not reporting these users as attributed to Twitter in user-level data (BI postbacks, exports), but they are still included in aggregate reporting.

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