Overriding a Tracking Link Destination URL

Tracking Links use destination URLs to manage all of the different URLs a user can land on. To change the destination URLs for an app's tracking links, you would usually go to Settings > Apps in the Singular platform. However, if the need arises to override a destination URL through the tracking link itself, you can do so using the murl parameter.

Note: The URL created using this method will be used for all users, regardless of their platform and install state. Use this method only if absolutely necessary.

To override a tracking link's destination URLs:

  1. URL-encode your Destination URL. For example, the deeplink apidmgr://forget_device results in the encoded url apidmgr%3A%2F%2Fforget_device
  2. Append the following parameter to your SmartTag:

    &murl=<encoded URL from step 2>

For example, you can update a SmartTag to send all users to the deeplink from step 2 above:

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