TrialPay Data Connector

Singular's integration with TrialPay is based on scheduled email reports and you can easily configure it yourself.

Setup Instructions

To start pulling data from TrialPay:

  1. Go to and sign in with your credentials.
  2. In the Reports tab, select Schedule Reports and then select New Scheduled Report.
  3. Configure the scheduled report:

    • In Report Type, select "Daily Report".
    • In Frequency, select "Daily".
    • In Email Delivery, enter your Singular email address.

      If you don't know what your Singular email address is, contact Singular Support to have an email address set up for you.

    • Select the checkbox Attach the report in Excel-compatible CSV format to the email summary.
    • In FTP Upload, select "FTP".
  4. In Singular, go to Settings > Data Connectors and add TrialPay as a new data connector. See the Data Connectors FAQ for help.

Once you've followed all the steps, the data will be updated in your account within 24 hours.

Note: The data is pulled into Singular starting on the day you create the scheduled report. If you want to see historical data, export a manual daily report that includes the required dates and send it manually to your Singular email address. The data will be live within 24 hours.