Disabled Events FAQ

App events sent to Singular through Singular's SDK or S2S integrations are automatically ingested into Singular by default. However, in some scenarios, it is necessary for the Singular support team to manually override and disable the processing of select SDK/S2S events. 

Note: Singular support will only disable events with prior notification to the advertiser.



What happens when an event is disabled?

Disabled events are not processed through the Singular system. This means they will not be available for user-level and aggregate reporting, postbacks to partners, SKAN, or Singular audiences.


  • Disabled events do not impact Singular SDK (or S2S API) functionality. Singular's servers will not reject processing HTTP requests for events that have been disabled.
  • Disabled events will still appear in the Singular platform in event dropdown selections. See "How can I review which events have been disabled?"
  • Historical data for disabled events in Singular are not deleted
Why are some events disabled?

The Singular platform periodically detects high-volume unused SDK or S2S events. In some extreme cases, Singular may reach out to notify advertisers that selected high-volume unused events are scheduled to be disabled.

The Singular support team then reviews the selected events to disable them to improve the Singular platform's performance for the advertiser.

What is an unused event?

Events are considered unused if they are not included in any of the following configurations:

  • Partner Configuration: Event not configured in a postback to any partner or internal BI.
  • Events page: Event not configured as a "Custom Events" or "SKAN Event".
  • SKAN Conversion Model: Event not used in any active SKAN conversion model.
  • Audience Segmentation: Event not used in any segmentation rule.
Can a disabled event be re-enabled?

Yes. Events can be re-enabled by request, through Singular support. 

  • Events will only be re-enabled if they are requested to be "used" in the Singular platform. See "What is an unused event?"
  • Once enabled by Singular support, processing of that event will be resumed going forward. Historical event data before re-enabling, is not reprocessed.
How can I review which events have been disabled?

The Singular platform currently does not support indicating which events have been disabled. To request a list of currently disabled events for your Singular account, contact Singular through the web form (Help > Contact Us).