iOS Summary Report FAQ

The iOS Summary Report is a new high-level report that combines data about app installs, events, and revenue on iOS devices from both the Singular MMP and the SKAN (SKAdNetwork) framework. Since these different channels offer different types of data, this report offers a high-level summary of your marketing performance.


Tip: To understand the different reports offered by Singular, see Short Guide to Singular's iOS Reporting Options.


What dimensions & metrics are available in this report?

Available dimensions:

  • App
  • Source
  • Campaign ID
  • Campaign Name

Available metrics:

  • Network data: Impressions, Cost, Clicks (as reported by the ad network)
  • MMP data: Tracker Installs, Events, Revenue, Ad Revenue
  • SKAN data: SKAN Installs, Modeled Revenue, Modeled 7d Revenue, SKAN Events

Note: Under Cohort Periods, actual is always selected - this is necessary to show SKAN events.

What are SKAN Installs vs. MMP (Tracker) Installs?
SKAN Installs Installs measured through the SKAdNetwork framework. Includes all iOS 14+ devices.
MMP Installs

Installs measured by Singular's attribution tracker. For iOS 14.5+ devices, the tracker is often unable to attribute the installs to a network due to the unavailability of the device IDFA. Unattributed installs are still measured by the tracker but they appear as organic installs.

The tracker may be able to attribute installs to a network if:

  • The user OS is earlier than iOS 14.5 (this can happen even if the campaign is targeted at iOS 14.5+ devices).
  • The user opted in to share their IDFA.
How much overlap is there between SKAN Installs and Tracker Installs?

All SKAN installs are also measured by the Singular tracker. Behind the scenes, even if SKAdNetwork is enabled for an app, the tracker still measures each install. The tracker also attempts to attribute each install using traditional means (device Identifier).

For iOS 14.5+ devices, we expect the tracker to be unable to attribute most installs to a network, due to the unavailability of the IDFA. The tracker still counts these installs but reports them as organic installs.

How are different types of installs measured by SKAN/the tracker/both?
Type of Install Appears in SKAN Installs? Attributed to a network under SKAN Installs? Appears in MMP Installs? Attributed to a network under MMP Installs?
iOS 14.5+ device, no IDFA Yes (if there was a SKAN campaign that included this user) Yes Yes Yes if attributed by a channel that was using probabilistic attribution. Otherwise appears as an organic install
iOS 14.5+ device, but user has opted in to share their IDFA Yes Yes Yes Usually yes
Pre-iOS 14.5 device No No Yes Usually yes
Do SKAN installs include installs by users who opted in to share their device IDs?

Yes, these installs are included in the SKAN installs. In parallel, under MMP Installs, you will also see these installs attributed to a network (as long as the user also opted in in the publisher app).

Why are there so many organic installs in MMP (tracker) installs?

In campaigns targeted at iOS 14.5+ devices, the device IDFA is usually unavailable and therefore the Singular tracker usually can't attribute the install to an ad network. These installs are reported as organic.

What date do SKAN installs appear under (install date or postback date)?

SKAN installs appear under their Estimated Install Date.

Do SKAN installs include redownloads?

Yes, SKAN installs in this report include both downloads and redownloads.

Is the iOS Summary Report available through API or data destinations (ETL)?

Currently, this report is only available through the Singular web platform.