Importing Existing Attribution Data FAQ

Learn how to import your organization's existing install attribution information into the Singular platform.


What are attribution data imports?

When you switch from a different attribution provider to Singular, we offer you the unique option of importing your apps' existing user base.

This import allows Singular to mark these users as existing users and keep install numbers accurate. It helps you avoid an "organic spike" when switching to Singular while also protecting you from being billed twice for the same app install.

Note that you must import the historical data into your Singular account before any apps are live in Singular and used for campaigns. If you start running campaigns before you load historical data, there will be spikes in organic installs and the attribution source for some of the devices will be incorrect.

How are your existing users identified by Singular?

Note that Singular uses the devices' advertising IDs (IDFA or AIFA). You cannot import data about users whose devices don't have these IDs.

Singular does not use Custom User IDs for the import process (or for any attribution functionality), even if you share Custom User IDs with Singular. 

Note: If you have internal BI postbacks configured, these users you import will have "Imported Users" in the Network field. 

How does Singular ingest the data?

You need to prepare the data for import as follows:

  • Have a separate data file for each of your apps.
  • Have the files in Unix-encoded TSV (tab-separated) format or Unix-encoded CSV (comma-separated) format.
  • Name the files <date>_App-Name_installs.tsv or <date>_App-Name_installs.csv, where <date> is the date in which you provide the data file to Singular, in YYYYMMDD format. Example:  20170115_my-app-name_singular_installs.tsv

File Layout

Column Name Required? Description Example
app_name   App name as visible in Singular’s Apps page My App
app_id   App’s package name/bundle ID for Android/iOS respectively 
Notice: don't use the id1441750662 for iOS
os   Android or iOS Android or iOS
idfa   iOS ID for Advertisers DFC5A647-9043-4699-B2A5-76F03A97064B
idfv   iOS ID for Vendors 21DB6612-09B3-4ECC-84AC-B353B0AF1334
gaid   Google Advertising ID 8ecd7512-2864-440c-93f3-a3cabe62525b
android_id   Android ID fc8d449516de0dfb
user_id   Custom User ID player_1234
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