Importing Existing Attribution Data

Existing device attribution information can be uploaded and brought into the Singular platform!

NOTE: Historical attribution data MUST be imported into your Singular account BEFORE apps are live and used for paid UA campaigns to avoid contamination of historic attributions. If campaigns are started before historical data is loaded, then spikes in Organic installs will occur and the attribution source for some of the devices will be incorrect. To avoid further data contamination, Singular will proceed with loading the remain data as Organic installs. This will still blacklist the historic device for future attributions through new paid UA efforts.

While we understand your existing users' dataset can be formatted in a variety of ways, we require a flat-file of your historical data. To ensure a smooth and speedy import, provide flat files in the format specified below.

Please note that we only support importing devices with advertising IDs (IDFA or AIFA).

If data is not provided in this format, delays in processing or rejection of the file can occur. Singular will examine the data files provided and inspect for duplicate installs. If duplicates are found, the duplicates will be removed and a file with unique advertising IDs will be used for the data on-boarding.

File Type

Provide data files on one of the two formats below:

  • unix encoded '.tsv' (tab separated file)
  • unix encoded '.csv' (comma separated file)

File Naming Convention

Use the following naming convention to keep your data files organized.

Provide one file per App.

Filename Examples:

  • Date file is provided (YYYYMMDD)_App-Name_installs.tsv


File Column Layout with data (Historical Installs)

Column Name Required Column Description Sample Data
app_id Y App’s package name/bundle ID for Android/iOS respectively
os Y Android or iOS Android or iOS
idfa Y iOS ID for Advertisers DFC5A647-9043-4699-B2A5-76F03A97064B
idfv   iOS ID for Vendors 21DB6612-09B3-4ECC-84AC-B353B0AF1334
gaid Y Google Advertising ID 8ecd7512-2864-440c-93f3-a3cabe62525b
android_id   Android ID fc8d449516de0dfb
device_ip   IP Address of the Device at Install
country   2-Letter Country Code of the Install US
install_time Y Time or First App Open in Epoch Unix Format 1483228800
source   Ad-Network that drove the install ex. Facebook, AdWords, Vungle Vungle
campaign_name   Campaign on that network RON_Campaign_iOS
creative_name   Creative on that network Creative_A
user_id   Custom User ID player_1234
dnt   Pass 1 if do not track is enabled, 0 if do not track is disabled. (aka Limited Ad Tracking)  0
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