Tracking Apple Search Ads

 To track app installs coming from Apple Search Ads campaigns, integrate Singular's iOS SDK (version 7.3 and greater), and make sure the iAd and AdSupport frameworks are included in your iOS application build.

The Singular SDK utilizes the Apple Attribution API in the framework to retrieve advertising information for any ad click as detected by Apple.

Installs from Apple Search Ads are fed through Singular last click attribution methodology.

Reporting on Apple Search Ads Installs

Singular reports use the values as named in your Apple Search Ads campaigns. You can also use special keywords to provide even more insights into how your users are acquired.

Apple Search Ad values are mapped to Singular reporting dimensions as follows:

Singular Value Apple Search Ads Value Example
Tracker Campaign Name Campaign Name “MyCampaign”
Tracker Campaign ID Campaign ID 12345678
Tracker AdGroup Name AdGroup Name “MyAdGroup”
Tracker AdGroup ID AdGroup ID 98123747
Source Apple Search Ads “Apple Search Ads”
Keyword Keyword “bubbles”

When you run a report in Singular, Apple Search Ads will also match the SDK data with the spend data provided by Apple Search Ads API, including:

  • Spend by Campaign
  • Spend by Keyword

To start pulling marketing data from Apple Search Ads, add a data connector for Apple Search Ads in the Data Connectors page. See the Data Connectors FAQ for more information.

Note that tracker install discrepancies are expected as Apple's definition of an install is a successful 'download', where as Singular's definition is counted only when the user opens the app for the first time, after the download has finished.

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