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This document will define the client-side attribution integration process, including necessary information for configuring tracking links and postbacks

Becoming an Integrated Attribution Partner With Singular

By becoming a fully integrated attribution partner with Singular, Singular's advertisers will be able to generate pre-configured tracking links (and view-through impression links) for install and re-engagement campaigns with your system's custom macros.  For conversion tracking, Singular has features that can report any installs attributed to these campaigns back to your system via postbacks. Configuring these postbacks for your network will be simple for the advertiser to implement with our postback template system.  Lastly, our partner publisher portal will allow you view high-level data and health of the campaigns you are running with your advertiser.

If your network is looking to integrate with Singular for the first time, the below can help you prepare for what to expect before you reach out to us.  If your network is already integrated with Singular, but you would like to verify or update your integration with us, please email support@singular.net.

Preparing for Integration

Depending on your network's needs, supported features, and supported platforms, you will need the following for the Singular network integration process:

  • Your network’s macros for values can passed in the attribution tracking click URL 
  • Your network’s install and post-install postback templates
  • Test devices (iOS and Android) and their device IDs or advertising IDs

The Integration Process

Once you're ready to begin the integration process, please proceed with the following steps:

1. Contact Singular Support

Email Singular support at support@singular.net and for an attribution partner integration. Our team will provide a form you will be asked to fill out, which will provide our team with the necessary information to complete your integration.

2. The Integration Form

Singular will use the information from the form to integrate the your macros and postbacks into Singular tracking link generation tool.  While some macros are optional, we strongly encourage including all those available as some clients prefer networks to have these optional values available and will delay a campaign's start until they are in place.

Using the provided questionnaire, provide Singular with:

  • Your Network's Macro formats for device information (if available) and campaign data
  • Your Network's required passthrough parameters
  • Your desired postbacks. Three types are currently supported:
    • Install Postback - Notification of attributed installs
    • Revenue Event Postback - Notification of revenue events for attributed traffic
    • Custom Event Postback - Notification of a user's custom event for attributed traffic

To see the available values which Singular can provide in each postback, please see our postback documentation. It's important to note that any value can be passed back via the postback if designated as a passthrough.

After completing your form responses, please email Singular support with the completed form.  We will then review your responses and get back to you if we have any questions.  Once we're all set, our team will perform the integration.

3. Testing the Integration

After our team completes the integration on our side, we will send test instructions for our test apps and test tracking links for the requested platforms.

You can then traffic these test URIs on their network and using the test application(s) and device(s), perform a successful installation of the test app(s).

4. Verify Test Results

Once you have completed your test on all supported platforms, we will confirm that both parties have received the proper notifications for the click, installation, and any applicable events with all the appropriate parameters. Once confirmed, the integration is complete and you are now a certified partner.
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