Configuring Event Postbacks

While tracking and measuring marketing performance, Singular's attribution service uses postbacks to report installs and events back to the ad networks, for their own measurement.

By default, Singular sends install postbacks to the relevant ad network. In addition, you can send postbacks for any other event, as needed. For example, some ad networks may require a postback for all installs, including installs attributed to other ad networks. Others may require postbacks for post-installation events performed by the user.

You can configure these settings separately for each app through the Partner Configuration page.

To configure event postbacks:

  1. Select whether events should be sent always, only if the install was attributed to the ad network, or never. Your choice may be dictated by the ad network's requirements.

  2. Click the + sign to add an event.
  3. On the left, select the in-app event as sent from your app to Singular's attribution service. On the right, type the event name as the ad network expects to receive it.
  4. If the event includes a value that you want to deliver to the ad network (for example, an in-app purchase includes a revenue value), select the Send value check box.
  5. Click + and repeat the process until you have added all the events.

If you are missing an in-app event name in a source configuration, please contact us.

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