How to Create a Singular Banner (Visual Guide)

Singular Banners is an enterprise feature. To learn more about this feature, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Singular Banners can be displayed in your mobile website to lead web users seamlessly to your app and display the most relevant app content. You can easily design, deploy, and maintain your banners through the Singular Banners UI.

Guide For UA Team
Prerequisites The Singular Web SDK (with banner support) has been integrated into your website. For the integration guide, see How to Enable Singular Banners (Guide for Engineering Team)
See Also
Singular Banners FAQ



Add Banner

In your Singular account, go to Automation > Banners.

Choose the app you want to create a banner for from the list, and then click Add Banner.

In the Banner Configuration panel, start by giving your banner a name, choosing its placement in the web page, and adding a description.



Activation Rules

This is where you choose when to display the banner, based on the URL, the user's mobile device, and more.




Here you can choose where the user is directed when they click the banner. You can choose the app, the App Store/Google Play URL, the URL for deep linking and the URL for deferred deep linking (DDL).




Click the Design tab at the top of the panel.

This is where you:

  • Upload an image for the banner
  • Enter the banner title and text
  • You can also change the text for the call-to-action button (default is "Download")

If you want more control over the banner's appearance, see the next step.


[Optional] Edit CSS

If you want more control over the way your banner looks, click CSS. Here you can directly change the CSS code that control's the banner's appearance.




Once you're done designing, click Deploy to start using the banner.


Tracking Banner Performance

After your banner has been deployed for a while, you can track its performance by going to  Analytics > Reports and running a report with the Banner Name dimension.

The following example shows a report with Banner Name granularity.

For more information, see the Singular Banners FAQ.